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Aromatic Oil

VRINDA Ruboil A Super and A 30 are aromatic type rubber processing oil confirming to ASTM 101 Type, formulated for specially selected aromatic extracts.


These are widely used in the manufacture of automotive tyres and tubes, bi-cycles, tyres, tyre retreading materials, beltings, hoses, battery containers, extruded products and technical moulded goods. These oils are having good capability and suitable for use with Natural Rubber, SBR, PBR,CR etc. They also find application in the manufacture of rubber articles with reclaim rubber because of their high solvency.

NaPIthanic Oils

VRINDA Ruboil N & Ruboil N-SP are naPIthanic type rubber processing oils confirming to ASTM 103 type, formulated from carefully selected hydrotreated naPIthanic base stocks. These are non staining in nature and possess excellent thermal, oxidation and colour stability.


They are recommended in the manufacture of automotive tubes, light coloured non-black footwear products and also moulded and extruded goods. They are capability for processing with NR, SBR, PBR Butyl and EPDM rubbers.

Paraffinic Oils

VRINDA Ruboil P and Ruboil P-SP are paraffinic type rubber processing oils formulated from highly refined solvent extracted base stocks of low sulPIur content confirming to ASTM 104 Type.


These oils are used in the manufacture of butyl tubes and variety of technical moulded and extruded products based on polar rubbers like EPM & EPDM etc. They are suitable in the manufacture of light coloured products and have good thermal stability. VRINDA Ruboil P and Ruboil P-SP because of its high paraffic content and viscosity is preferred for achieving high retention of properties after ageing and highest loading of oil. Its application includes heat resistant conveyor belts and steam hoses.

Product Benefit

  • To control the hardness of final product.
  • It helps to achieve good flow control of rubber compound during rubber molding extrusion & calendaring.
  • Process oil of low viscosity at low temperature will improve the low temperature property of rubber compound.
  • Volume Swell test : When rubber product is immersed in an oil or solvent oil present in the compound acts as a primary barrier for attack of solvent or oil on polymer and fillers. Hence some times more dose of oil in rubber compound improves volume swell properties of rubber compound.
  • VGC is a viscosity gravity constant higher the VGC value indicates higher solubilising power of oil leading to good carbon black dispersion for higher loading and lowering the compound cost aromatic oils have better processing properties however they have poor Colour stability & ageing properties. Colour stability and low temperature properties of paraffinic oils is better than aromatic oils. Dispersion of carbon black and other fillers in aromatic oil is better that that in paraffinic oils. NaPIthanic oils fall in between paraffinic and aromatic oils.

Minimum temperature at which a fluid will support instaneous combusion but before it burns continuously. Oil with highest flash point is used for heat resistant applications for its low volatile properties.

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