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VRINDA QUANCH are high quality heat treatment oils. They have excellent oxidation stability thermal stability and will yield clean surface of metal parts, free of carbon residue.

VRINDA QUANCH are further classified as

  • Straight Mineral Oil type: These are general purpose quenching oils having low volatility inherent oxidation stability. They are economical to use.
  • Compounded type: These are mixtures of mineral oil and fatty oils. They impart higher hardness during prolonged service
  • Additive type: These are quenching oils fortified with special additives. They give enhanced hardness to the material by reducing the vapor PIase of the quenching process. The additive enhances the life of Quenching oil


Recommended for normal quenching operation like high speed tools, ball bearing, nuts, bolts, set screws, crankshaft, axles, steering arms, break drum & components manufacture in automobile & light engineering industries of variety of high speed tool, ball bearing & other component.


  • Low Volatility, Less top requiredlImparts excellent surface hardness.
  • Have very high thermal stability, which helps in increasing periods between oil changes.
  • Prevent corrosion of metal parts.
  • Low cooling rates prevent surface crack.

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*Note : Specific requirements shall be custom-made on request