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These product essentially contain dewatering additives, rustinhibitor, and other film forming agents, which are dissolved in solvent. After apply on wet metal surface, it displace the water and leaves a thin and soft transparent oily film on metallic surface. These grades also fight the effect of finger print corrosion and persPIration. The solvent should have sufficient time to evaporate before leaving a thin on the component.


These are basically recommended for protection of parts coming from machines that use water-soluble cutting oils as a coolant. The ground parts are dipped in a container having the rust preventives. Alternately the method of application would be by sparing or by brushing. To remove the film, the component is wiped with cloth soaked with kerosene or any other solvent. The water that is stripped of the component tends to settle down at the bottom of the containers, which needs to be drawn periodically.

RUSTOP DW 152 forms a much thicker film when compared to RUSTSTOP DW 154.


These grades offer short-term protection from corrosion. RUSTOP DW 152 offers longer protection than RUSTOP DW 154. Industries manufacturing nuts, bolts, HSS tool bits, bearings, tools, and other small components are potential users for in - process protection. Bright bar and cylinder liner manufactures requiring a special dewatering rust preventive could use RUSTOP DW 154 immediately after grinding for in- process protection.

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